Appointment Info

To book an appointment please call 01256 764771

appointment_infoIt is important that we are given an indication of what your appointment is for so that we are able to allocate an appropriate amount of time with the vet. Please provide the receptionist with the information she requires at the time of booking.

It is also very important that we know how many pets you will be bringing to the appointment.

Please inform the receptionist if the appointment is for a blood test or dressing change or if you suspect you may need extra time with the vet. If you wish to see a particular vet please ask and the receptionist will endeavour to find a time that suits you.
Please try and book your appointment with the vet who has been dealing with your pet’s case in the case of ongoing treatments. This maintains continuity and familiarity with patients and cases. If this is not possible you can be reassured that the internal communication systems we have in place between our staff mean that each of the veterinary surgeons is perfectly equipped to take on an ongoing case. It is advisable to book ongoing appointments in advance so that you are sure to be able to see the same vet.

Our vets work very closely together and collaborate constantly about their patients.

We aim to streamline the appointments so that your waiting time is kept to a minimum but due to the nature of our job unavoidable emergencies are inevitable on occasions.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused should we keep you waiting.