Fees & Payment Options

fees-paymentsWe aim to provide a competitively and fairly priced service. The pricing structure reflects the costs in providing an exceptional level of service and care.

We reserve the right to charge a consultation fee every time you see the vet for an examination. The charge for follow up visits is normally less than for a first consultation and is made on the basis of the vet’s professional time to examine your pet and provide treatment and/or advice regarding the case.

Payments are due at the time of consultations and for pets who have been admitted for procedures and operations payment is due on collection of your pet.

If you have any concerns about the consultation and treatment costs or your ability to pay your bill please talk to a member of the team before your consultation or before your pet is admitted to the hospital.

We accept payment with cash, cheque with valid guarantee card and most credit cards and debit cards.

Once payment has been received by us, insurance claim forms can be left with us for completion, so that you can receive any insurance claim settlements from your insurance company as soon as possible.

We are happy to provide estimates for treatment costs and will always keep you informed of ongoing costs for hospitalised patients.

We understand that veterinary costs may be a worry for some clients. Please speak to one of the vets or the practice manager.

Click here to view ‘The cost of veterinary care explained‘ leaflet produced by the British Veterinary Association.

We strongly recommend pet insurance. For further information about pet insurance please click here or talk to one of the staff. We have an information leaflet available at the surgery with advice about the different types of policies available. Always speak to us first if you have any queries about your existing policy or are considering changing your policy.