In-House Laboratory

laboratoryWe are proud to offer the most up to date in house laboratory equipment.

We have state of the art blood testing machines that analyse your pet’s blood, including the red and white cells, and the many biochemical measurements that can be made on blood.

We will have the results from many of these tests within 15 minutes of taking the sample.

We also perform tests on urine, skin, hair and faeces as part of our diagnostic procedures.

The results of these tests help to formulate a picture of your pet’s health and assist in diagnostic decisions.

We also have an overnight courier service carrying samples to our external laboratory experts should we need to perform additional tests.

In many cases, results of blood tests from the external laboratory will be with us within 24 hours and are electronically downloaded directly into your pet’s clinical records.

We will always discuss with you why we feel laboratory tests will be helpful in reaching a decision about the best way forward for your pet. We will offer you the option to decide what you would like us to proceed with. We understand that laboratory tests add to the cost of treatment and will not recommend any tests unless they are entirely necessary in establishing a diagnosis. A normal test result is a very helpful piece of information to have as it serves to rule out many things. It can be frustrating for everyone when a diagnosis is not straight forward as we want to get your pet better as soon as we can and with the least possible inconvenience to you and your pet.

Our vets will contact you with the results of any tests at the very earliest opportunity.

Our internal communication system ensures that the vet is notified immediately when a result is available.