Parasite Control

parasite-controlWe follow the British Small Animal Veterinary Association guidelines on parasite prevention. Parasite prevention in pets is extremely important, as there are significant public health implications as certain diseases affect humans and animals.

Your veterinary practice is the best source of advice and supply for the most effective treatments and preventatives that really work.

We offer a wide range of options for the treatment and prevention of external and internals parasites.

We like to consider the individual needs of each patient and their circumstances and risks when it comes to parasite control.

There are non prescription products available to purchase over the counter or from our on-line store but we do need to have examined your pet in order for the prescription products to be dispensed. Please ring for an appointment for your pet with a vet or nurse to discuss the most convenient and appropriate parasite prevention plan.


We have topical spot on treatments both prescription and non prescription as well as oral preparations for dogs.

As well as topicals we have a 6 monthly injectable product available for cat flea prevention.

Rabbit and small mammal treatment and preventative products are also available.


These potential disease carrying parasites are a risk to your pet. Please call for advice or make an appointment to discuss the best method of prevention.


There are many types of worms that can infest our pets. Some of these are not only unpleasant and unhealthy for your pet but can also harm humans. This is why it is so vitally important that your pet is wormed at appropriate intervals and with an effective product. The effectiveness of products against parasites is the subject of much research and we ensure we keep up to date with the latest and most effective products. Please ring us for advice or make an appointment to see one of our nurses.

Please see the pet care advice pages for more detail on individual diseases.