Preventative Healthcare

preventative-healthcareThere are many diseases and abnormalities that go undetected without your pet being examined on a regular basis.

We recommend, as a minimum, an annual health check for cats and dogs and a 6 monthly health check for rabbits and other small mammals.

Our pets clearly age much faster than we humans do and changes will not be noticed in a lot of cases unless the pet undergoes a veterinary examination.

As a result of the advances in veterinary science there are a lot of things we can offer to treat conditions and slow the progression of diseases.

Advances in the veterinary profession also make available new drugs and treatments all the time and so it is important that we see your pet to advise you on the most up to date services and treatments available.

It is our duty to inform you of what is available and your choice to decide with us what is best for your pet’s health. The partnership between yourself and your pet’s vet will help to keep your pet in the best form possible.