Veterinary Pharmacy

pharmacyThe responsible use of Veterinary medicines for therapeutic and prophylactic (preventative) reasons is one of the major skills of a Veterinary Surgeon and crucial to animal welfare and the maintenance of public health.

Veterinary Surgeons should prescribe responsibly and with due regard to the health and welfare of an animal.

Prescription only medicines must be prescribed by a Veterinary Surgeon, who must first carry out a clinical assessment of the animal under his/her care.

Our pharmacy at Hook Veterinary Centre has been inspected by the RCVS and we adhere to the strict Veterinary Medicines Directorate guidelines for registered veterinary pharmacies.

We have strict rules in place to ensure the safe dispensing of medicines from our premises. We keep up to date with the latest available drugs and products for offering your pets the best and most appropriate medicines.

We ask you to give us a minimum of 24 hours notice (preferably 48 hours) when ordering medication for your pet. This includes prescription parasite control products as these have to be authorised by one of our vets. A lot of medicines we hold in stock but some medicines require to be specially ordered in.

We will always try to notify you as soon as possible if there is likley to be a delay in supply.

Please always read the labels and any enclosed leaflets before use.

Please follow the vet’s advice regarding administration of prescribed medication. If you have concerns about your pet’s medication please contact the surgery for advice.

Always complete the full course of medication your vet has prescribed.

Do not change the dose or frequency of administration without consulting one of our vets first. Your pet’s response to a course of treatment is extremely important to the vet treating your pet. It is important that we see your pet if the response to a medication is not what the vet expected.

The development and spread of antimicrobial resistance is a global public health problem that is affected by the use of antibiotics and antiparasitic products in both humans and animals. We follow British Small Animal Veterinary Association guidelines on the responsible and safe choice of these drugs in treating your pets in order to minimise the development of drug resistance.