Springtime Dangers

We can all rejoice now that Spring is upon us!

We can get out in our gardens and mow the lawns, or enjoy a drink in the sun!

However, Springtime means more to us at Hook Vets than sunshine and freshly cut grass.

Spring also carries a whole host of medical emergencies for us to cope with.

With Easter coming up and the risk of chocolate poisoning at the highest concern, we also need to think about the flowers we are placing in our homes that our pets might be able to access. Where we are hiding the Easter eggs for the children, what other luxuries might be in our homes at this time of year.

Please familiarise yourself with the potential risks and keep everything out of reach of your pets.

For more information please contact us on: 01256 764771 or follow this link to find a list of potential dangerous things around the house.

Cats: IcatCare  Or VetsNow

Dogs: Dogs Trust Or RSPCA