testimonialsHaving been established in the area for many years, we are delighted to have so many dedicated and caring pet owners registered with us.

We constantly strive to ensure you and your pet are given the very best service whenever you visit the practice.

Below are some of the comments we have received about Hook Veterinary Centre.

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“Our family were extremely apprehensive to have another dog after losing our 5 year old Boxer Barry suddenly last summer shortly after moving to the area. However, we tentatively did and we would not be without Freddie nor his inquisitive and cheeky nature today. We have been delighted with how Hook Vets have treated both Freddie and our own anxieties after our loss sensitively. Immediately the staff realised how precious Freddie is to us, and no more so during the past four months over the summer; which proved to be exceptionally eventful for both us and Fred.

First, a bee sting to his lip, second, a rather large grass seed embedded up his left nostril (to which we were instantly referred to a specialist vets in Winchester where her was operated and said seed was subsequently remover!!).

Lastly, Fred suffered a nasty broken claw which resulted in an operation and very enduring process of nursing and post op care. All the above happened in the space of just three weeks and needless to say was of huge financial concern but Hook Vets also managed our never ending and constant insurance paperwork with clarity and ease.

Our thanks go to Tracey Manning and her team at Hook Vets, who have and will no doubt continue to treat Freddie as if her were her or their own.”

Freddie & Family

“I can’t remember how many years we (I say WE meaning our past and present family of dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs!) have all been cared for in a kind and sympathetic manner by Tracey and her team and our 2 present dogs, Bellini and Didi, enthusiastically trot through the doors knowing they will get a warm welcome from the moment they arrive. We all know how precious our pets are and it is wonderful to have complete confidence in your veterinary team- and I most certainly have.”

Pipa Dobson

I grew up in Dublin. When my owner died a few years ago, I came to live with her relatives in Hook. One of the first people I met here was Tracey Manning. I have been a patient at Hook Vets ever since. Tracey and her team do my routine yearly check-ups, and looked after me after I got into a fight a while ago. The vets and nurses were all very kind to me, and made me feel welcome and comfortable when I had to stay overnight. Now, in my middle-age, the vets keep an eye on my weight, and have identified a minor kidney problem which they have treated by adjusting my diet.

If you are a cat, dog, rabbit or any sort of small furry being, come along to Hook Vets for the best in veterinary care! Tell them I sent you!

Harry the Cat

I just wanted to pass on our appreciation for the way in which your excellent team have looked after us in the very short while that we have been with you.

I only registered our two dogs and cat last Friday morning and had to rush Cassie in that very afternoon with a badly gashed tongue which needed stitches. Daniel saw us straight away and we were amazed to find that he already had the records from out previous vet – great work by your reception team!  He dealt with Cassie expertly and was there again at ten that evening for us to collect one grateful dog.

To cap it all I have today received an e-mail from Rachel, your Practice Manager, giving me a heads up about making sure we get our claim in for a tooth extraction that Dan has recommended within 3 months to our insurers otherwise our insurers may not be willing to cover it.

All in all I think this has been the best service we have ever had from any veterinary practice and I would be very grateful if you would pass along our thanks to your team for all their help.

Mr Barnwell & Cassie

We have been in the area for over twenty years and were first registered with The Ark in Fleet. We then transferred to Hook Vets when they opened in Hook. At first we had one dog – a golden retriever then they seemed to multiply and we have had six for a long time, adding one as we sadly lose one. They are very active and of course have had a great variety of problems over the years.

Tracey Manning and her very professional team have coped with them all. There is always a relaxed happy atmosphere at the surgery that I and the dogs are pleased to go into. The reception team are always very helpful on the phone or at the desk and extremely clever at judging the degree of stress the owner or the pet is feeling. All questions are dealt with happily and very efficiently. The nursing staff are cheerful and always have a “word” with the dogs so that they are quite happy to be treated by them when necessary – pre or post op. etc. The online shop is very competitively priced and easy to use.

Tracey and her team of vets take endless time and trouble not only to diagnose and treat the dogs, but also to explain in detail, that can be understood, what has happened to the dog and the best treatment for them. When the dogs have needed referral for specialist treatment they have been sent to highly qualified consultants that have the same very high standards of treatment, care and kindness. In our case this has been for cancer, orthopaedic and ophthalmic conditions.

As the dogs have got older their ailments have been treated with due regard to their age, always maintaining the best quality of life. We have also been advised and helped with the final decision ensuring dignity for the dog and comfort for us.

We are extremely fortunate to have a veterinary practice of this standard in our area and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Toni and Graham

Our association with Tracey Manning goes back to 1994, when she was working at The Ark in Fleet. Her expertise, experience and insight when treating my disabled Dalmatian, Daisy, were so invaluable to us that we gladly transferred our account to The Hook Veterinary Centre when she ceased working in Fleet.

Since then, we have found her team of receptionists, nurses and vets to be of the highest calibre. Without exception they are caring, knowledgeable, helpful, calm and widely experienced. Our pets have always received the best of care and the latest available treatments, and we have every confidence that they will continue to do so. The Centre has such a welcoming atmosphere that even our nervous Milly enjoys (most of!) her visits. We wholeheartedly recommend the practice, and many of our friends and neighbours now have accounts there. Our beloved Daisy and Pepper, who received sensitive and peaceful final care, and our present pooches Milly and Milo, would like to say a huge Thank You to Tracey and her team – as do we!

Cas and Dave Peace

We have used Hook Vets for 11 years after moving to the area in 1991. During most of that time we had 3 dogs, 3 cats and several chickens. We have always been very impressed with the standard of care both on a professional and caring basis. Inevitably during that time our pets have had their share of illness and emergencies . All the vets have given us great advise and treatment and have always empathised with our pets problems. On several occasions, when operations have been necessary, they have also shown considerable skill in achieving an excellent outcome, in particular one of our old dogs having her life extended well beyond expectations after suffering from an aggressive  tumour. This standard of service goes further than the vets themselves, and includes the reception staff and the nurses who all play an important role in their very friendly and helpful attitude whenever we visit.    When we moved again a year ago, some 30 minutes’ drive away, we  considered changing vets to several which were much closer. However we decided it was worth the journey to continue  coming back to Hook Vets where we are confident our pets and ourselves will get the best possible attention and care.

Mr & Mrs Thomas

Attentive and caring would be my description of the Hook Veterinary Centre.  Having been a client for some time now, I find Tracey Manning and her team professional and friendly.  Over the years I have had many dealings with various veterinary practices, both home and abroad, and I can confidently say that the Hook Veterinary Centre rates very highly in my opinion.

I have had cats for many years, ranging in ages. They are older now and inevitably have developed a few health issues.  Hook Vets has been very supportive all along, but in particular, earlier this year.  Tracey and Amanda were the best when we had to say goodbye to our dear boy Benji. After finally losing his battle to renal failure, it was time to let Benji go, peacefully at home with the dignity he deserved.

If you are looking for a genuine and compassionate team of professionals for your beloved pet, then look no further, you have found them.

Ms. Denise Burton

My mother had a dog Freddie for 16 years, he has suffered over the years with heart problems and having fits but this vets have always been the best in giving Freddie the best care.

Even when it came to the end after a stroke and he had to be put to sleep they were so kind and made the end so much more bearable for my mum who loved her dog more than anything.

Thank you

Renaeux Family

As a Siamese with my best Burmese friend we have always received high quality care and with sensitivity, from young kittens starting with our vaccinations and onwards. Our family (loyal servants) received excellent training and support on how to best care for us and to give us our medication and the importance of teeth cleaning (we weren’t fans of it at first, but after a bit of encouragement and convincing we realised it was worthwhile and the toothpaste tastes nice!).

As an interactive Siamese I always announce my arrival and although my best friend doesn’t do that, she enjoys a good chat with the team as much as me, as they are very friendly and nice to us pets at the center. When my best friend comes in for her regular treatment they always prepare her accommodation well for her maximum comfort, with a choice of cuisine and all the amenities including heating or a nice heat pad (just like home). They are all very well trained, so try not to worry fellow pets, the center always has our best interests at heart and my family agrees as well.

Sebastian (Seby) and Topaz