Tracey going to China in support of Animals Asia Foundation

Many of the readers visiting this website will already be aware of Tracey’s passion to improve the welfare of long term suffering animals. For those of you who do not know Tracey that well, here is a brief summary of how she got involved with the Animals Asia Foundation (AAF).

Tracey first became aware of AAF back in 2010 at an event in Farnham. There she was introduced to Founder member of the Born Free Foundation, Virginia McKenna, OBE and the Founder and CEO for AAF, Jill Robinson, MBE. Both women being well known for their commitment, dedication and continuous campaigning to improve animal welfare on a massive scale. Tracey was simply blown away by the bear crisis and realised at that point that she had to do something.

She organised, with the support of her team at Hook Vets, a fundraising event at The Cross Barn in Odiham. Tracey comments of the event “we raised £6,000 – thanks to my wonderful clients! So pleased that as a result of this event, two clients now actively fundraise for AAF organising their own events – bless ya!”

It was always Tracey’s intention since 2010, to one day visit Chengdu in China. This has now become a reality and she will be leaving on Friday 18th July for twelve days, accompanied by Sharon Wyatt, veterinary nursing assistant. Tracey will be joining other volunteers motivated by the most recent release of 130 bears to Animals Asia, by a bear farmer in the city of Chengdu. From there Tracey will travel to Nanning with a vet team to check the health of these bears and do whatever she has to do to improve the lives of these innocent creatures. She knows she will ride an emotional roller coaster; witnessing first hand what the AAF team has been dealing with since 1994. AAF has made a phenomenal difference for hundreds of bears, through relentless campaigning and negotiation to release them from the most horrendous of conditions. All releases are carefully and strategically planned, to ensure stress levels for the bears are kept to a minimum. The dedication and passion of the people involved truly makes a difference to what is an incredibly difficult situation. Great admiration must be attributed to the teams of staff and volunteers who help these voiceless creatures. To learn more about the various projects, particularly the ‘Peace by Piece’ campaign, click on the following link:

Tracey, similar to a lot of like minded people, wants to apply her particular skills to raise the profile and awareness of the work Animals Asia is doing in China and Vietnam. Their goal is to ensure a secure, safe haven for the moon bears that suffer at the hands of the ‘remedial’ Chinese medicine industry. This lucrative ‘business’ subjects the bears to unmentionable torture for years at a time to gain a profit from using their bile. Alongside the bears, the plight of cats and dogs in this region is desperate and is also of tremendous concern. They are brutally slaughtered for the food and fur industries.

Attitudes should be encouraged to change and measures are being taken through education. Altering the mindset of local people is key to stopping bear bile farming. Of course it will take time to see changes. However for the rescue operations and education to continue, there has to be a constant flow of funds. So if you want to help make a difference today, please donate to the Animals Asia Foundation. Just click on the link below to help the moon bears, cats and dogs. Surely, they must be given a chance to have a relatively normal life.